lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011


Del libro “The Butterfly Babies’ Book”
El Libro de los Niños Mariposa,  publicado en el año 1914
Elaborado por Elizabeth Gordon (1866-1922)
Ilustraciones de M.T. (Penny) Ross (1866-1922)

BALTIMORE stays home all day,
Never cares to go away;
With the cat Tail people romps
Around their native bogs and swamps.

FLITTING on wings of gorgeous hue,
Under the Southern skies of blue,
Gulf Fritillary spends his hours
Among the brilliant Passion flowers,

SAID Dogwood Blossom, “Is it true
That you’re a bit of heaven’s own blue?”
Spring Azure smiled and said, “Not I;
I´m just a happy butterfly!”

Hablando de Mariposas, ¡imposible no incluir estas Maripositas1

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